To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question.

I have never “blogged”.

I had no idea that the word“blog” was a verb until a few months ago. I thought that the term blog could only be classified as a noun ie: I have a blog; would you like to write an entry for my blog; I read blogs; have you heard of his/her blog about __________? etc… So here I am, blogging…and I am humbled. Do I really know enough about anything to think that what I have to say matters to anyone? Perhaps this is the beauty of blogging. The role of the blogger and bloggee are essentially the same, yes?

unnamed (1)As the Blogger, I am hoping that one person from the vast number of people in cyber-space who are hoping to learn something, or to have their actions, feelings, thoughts, validated, will read this and feel just that, validated. If I achieve this, than I, too, will feel validated. Conversely, the egos of both myself and potential readers, may suffer a serious blow. If I receive negative feedback, or if my thoughts, ideas, feelings, actions etc are met with disapproval, or even indifference, what then? And what of the readers? Nothing appeals to all; I am bound to insult, or be in opposition to another’s beliefs, values, ideas, etc. Hence my humility…I find this blogging business a very slippery slope. But also like a new adventure…blogging is my I really am actually giddy. Not that you care, I’m sure. So…will I fail or surpass my teensy tiny expectations?

I will find out soon enough…

By Danerra Speares


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