Time is a jerk.


As of late I am struggling with what is defined as the quarter life crisis.

I am turning 32 in a few short weeks, and have felt like my brain is in overdrive for months. Wondering which direction is next for my family and I; and whether or not I am making the right choices. Living in a small house with my family of five, wanting to live small and happy with what we have; and also overwhelmed with the want for change, living in new places, and having my children experience things bigger than the place in which we live. Wanting to pack up and travel across our country, while learning more about it. To travel to countries across the world, move somewhere else and learn new ways of life.

I feel a need to act now; knowing we are not getting any younger. More than anything I feel this insatiable desire to try new things and learn more about the world we live in through experiences. I have done a small amount of travel in the past and it sparked major changes in my outlook on life and what my priorities are. I cannot help but wonder if more travel and new experiences would not only benefit me, but also my children and partner.

Our current place in mainstream society is one that is deemed quite acceptable, we are both working, both rising in our positions, and are slowly moving towards more financial stability. We have a beautiful home and a vehicle that can take us places, we have money being saved for our retirement and a nice little RESP account for our boys, but there continues to be this little voice that says to me that this isn’t really what life is about for my family.

Do we continue to be grateful for what we have and live graciously for our routines or do we follow our dreams and make them reality while yelling ‘carpe diem’ into the mountains?

I hold out hope that there is a way to do both.

To experience the many different flavors that this life has to offer is something I will strive for; and hopefully rid myself of the sinking feeling I have about getting older by living a full life and making long term goals happen. I just have yet to figure out the logistics, which always seems to be the hardest part for me.

Maybe I should just start a commune…

Is anyone else feeling the weight of the quarter life crisis?

By Candace Hoskin

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