Enter Shakey Graves.

It’s funny how people will tell you being obsessed with music is a phase, you won’t care as much when you are older, etc. It seems to be a ‘phase’ that has lasted an extremely long time, or maybe, just maybe, these people were wrong and music just happens to be one of the many things I am passionate about to this day. Okay, I admit, that is my experience as a teen, maybe I am alone in that experience? Or maybe there are many other people like me who continue to adore music well past their over dramatic teen years, regardless of people telling them the importance of music in one’s life would fade.

My love for music and finding new music is something that is like eating breakfast for me, or having my coffee. That may be a better comparison. I need to find something to overplay for that day; eat it up like the chocolate bars I devour in hiding so my kids don’t see. (Yes, I do that; and no, I’m not sharing)  I really do still get a song stuck on repeat, and have to listen it to death. Then I move on to the next, always to come back to that song with a feeling of nostalgia, and the sweetness that made me obsess in the first place.

There is always some band or artist that I am currently listening to far too much, a nice bonus to that is how much my kids enjoy the music, so I can’t complain!

Enter Shakey Graves. One of my good friends introduced me to his music on youtube a while ago, and he was great! but for whatever reason I completely forgot about him. Fast forward to this year, and I have bought everything I can get my hands on, listen to his work regularly and highly recommend him anyone with a taste for folk mixed with an alternative sound that caters to love for 90’s music; as well as a light influence of blues, and emotion filled singsong with country- esque duets.  Or as I also like to put it, it’s just really (insert your preferred happy curse here) good. Seriously though, check him out; and I shall keep updating which music is my current obsession.

Music, for some people, myself included, is a very important part of their daily lives. I look at it just the same as any other passion, it deserves my time and energy, and it can change the atmosphere in moments. While this may not be everyone’s passion, or it may be to varying degrees of importance; it really can make this life an easier place to reside. So much more enjoyable are the days when we can just sing and dance through them.

These are my recommendations of his work:


By Candace Hoskin

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