What We Are

The Feminine Pulse is dedicated to the honest reflection on the life of the everyday woman. It is a safe-haven for the candid concerns, ideas, opinions, experiences, creations, and stories of the women who want to share their voices with the world. Sometimes our writing is thought-provoking, other times it is silly, and as often as we can deliver, it is both. But one thing it will always be is honest to the mind and heart of the writer.

We hope there is something here to pique your interest.

An Origin Story

The Feminine Pulse was conceived when Leigha was surfing the web one day and wondering if there were other geeky stay-at-home moms like her out there in the blogosphere. She was looking for informed and honest, often geeky, feelings like her own, the housewife who was less than domestic and struggling to understand this new phase in her life. But what was out there wasn’t quite what she was looking for. So she approached some friends and asked if they would like to join her on a quest to deliver exactly what she was wanting to read for herself. Together they created The Feminine Pulse, whose name was inspired by superhero Jessica Jones, of Marvel Comics, a young, semi-retired hero living the life of a stay-at-home mom. Her comic, Jessica Jones: Pulse, is a blend of domesticity and geekery, but mostly it is about the life of a woman finding her place in the world. Just like us

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Who We Are

IMG_6511 (2)Leigha Chiasson-Locke still hasn’t figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. She revels in her geekery, likes the smell of a freshly published comic, and would rather read than do anything else (except spend time with her husband and kidlets!). She has a habit of quoting Walt Whitman, contemplating the existential ‘why’s‘, and checking the mail for her long-overdue acceptance letter to Hogwarts. She is a constant writer, a teacher-on-leave, a stay-at-home mom, and a future librarian. Follow her @ldchiasson17 on Twitter or at her older blog site Geekat30.wordpress.com.

Candace Hoskin  is currently fascinated by the art of the minimalist lifestyle. A 11152688_10153198335248396_8631687595878904048_nphotographer by training; she is enjoying the chaos of raising her three young boys and attempting to integrate her creative impulses into what little spare time she has at her disposal. While continuing surrounding herself with supportive friends and family, her aspirations for the future include returning to school, becoming a doula, and generally living more practically. You can follow her personal blog at deathbydinky.


559010_10151342670961123_1475657023_nDanerra Spears  is by trade, a high school English and science teacher-turned stay-at-home-mom of three amazing kidlets, and wife to a loving husband who is also her best friend.  Over the last 7 years, she has become engulfed in the worlds of treehouse and crayola.  She classes herself as an expert on…absolutely nothing.  She is winging it day by day and is grateful for each piece of advice or rant session over coffee with any of the incredible women she is lucky enough to call a friend. She is currently attempting to ease herself back into the grown-up world of prime-time television, current events and social issues.

How to Contact Us

We encourage comments and feedback and welcome lively positive discussion, but be forewarned, inappropriate comments and content will not be permitted. Let us empower each other, not tear each other down!

Want to contact us? Leave us a message by following the links below or email us at thefemininepulse@gmail.com.

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